Chloe Emerson nasceu a 11 de Feevereiro de 1990 em Dallas,Texas,USA.
This Texas hottie became Playboy's coed of the month january 2012.
From Arlington Universitty,she studies German and International Business.
Here's a brief Q&A done by Playvoy with Chloe:

Playboy: How do you avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15”?
Chloe: I try to eat right even though there are a lot of days… when that does not happen.

Playboy: What would you envision yourself doing if you didn’t go into international business?

Chloe: I would like to have my own bikini line one day. I have a fashion degree in merchandising and marketing, so I would definitely like to put it to the test.

Playboy: What’s the secret to having a successful relationship while in college?

Chloe: I think having an amazing connection and always communicating with that significant other is the key to having an amazing relationship

CHRISSA DRADAKI,is a Greek voluptuose model,discovered by maxim-Greece.

here she is side by saide with Greek Lifeguard brought to fashion by Playboy...

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